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Sedation Dentistry


> Nitrous Oxide

> I.V. Sedation


> Professional Examination

> Teeth Cleaning

> Teeth Polishing

> Prevention

> Digital X-rays

> Treatment Recommendations

> Sealants

> Tooth Colored
Dental Fillings

> Pulp Therapy
(Pulpotomy, Pulpectomy)
and Crowns

> Tooth Extractions

> Space Maintainers


Because children find it difficult to sit through a dental treatment, particularly one that involves discomfort, our downtown pediatric dental practice offers two options for a more comfortable experience: nitrous oxide and oral sedation. Beginning at the age of 2 years, parents can choose one of these two options for fillings, crowns, root canals, extractions or other treatments. Endorsed by the American Dental Association, sedation is an effective way to make children comfortable during a dental visit.

Nitrous Oxide

Often called “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide calms pediatric dental patients during procedures. Since they are still awake, children can talk to the dentist or parent during treatment, but are calm and relaxed. After treatment ends, oxygen is given for 5-10 minutes to flush out any remaining nitrous oxide, allowing almost immediate reversal of the effects of the gas. Although nitrous oxide has been used for decades and has been proven safe and effective, on rare occasions some patients experience nausea and/or constipation afterwards. Your dentist will give you pre- and post-anesthesia instructions.

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